Yay for magic rainbow flowers!

My week beginning 28th May 2018


I was actually super impressed by my adults today. They took me to soft play, but not your usual soft play…… it was a baby rave! Soft play, disco lights and music…. what more could a 1 year old want? Apart from maybe that balloon over there…..


My adults took me to a beach today. I took Daddy for a walk on the beach, right up to the lifeguard. She was nice. I make a good wingman. I think Mummy disagrees.


Did you know that if one of your adults has an ice cream and you stick your tongue out really far at them, they can’t help but give you a taste? Weak humans!


Mummy took me out today to another one of those places where the ground is brown and soft and there is water that chases you then runs away again. I think it’s called the sea? I don’t get why it keeps running away from me, I don’t think I’m scary……


Today I discovered something so magical. I found it in my garden. It’s shaped like a flower, but is rainbow and sometimes, if you stare at it for long enough, it spins round and round! I couldn’t take my eyes off it.


Today I made a big decision about my future job aspirations – I’m going to be a tap dancer. I was practicing my skills by tapping my new shoes on the tiles in our hotel. My adults are so proud of me already, I can feel it!


My adults were brave to take me to a Christening today. Mummy was looking a bit tired so I thought she would appreciate some fresh air. To help her out, I did a massive poop in the middle of the service so she would have to take me outside for a change. She wasn’t impressed. She can be so ungrateful.

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