A mother’s pride

It’s true that when you enter motherhood, your emotions are multiplied.

All of a sudden you find yourself with more capacity for love, compassion, empathy, trust, patience, understanding, hope, sympathy, remorse, happiness, endearment ……. the list is endless. A lot of these you have expected to grow. Whilst you were pregnant you may have imagined how much extra 6BA35F1A-14BD-4AC2-9AE3-2E25982491C4love your baby would bring to your heart or how patient you would need to be etc.

For me, the growth of pride was an unexpected one. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t really think about how my baby would make me proud (as a baby), but my capacity for pride has expanded so much.

I was immensely proud when for he first time he rolled over, or said “mum”, or sat up unaided.  I still remember the squeal I made when he took his first steps by himself into my arms. I remember how much I wanted to cry with joy when I was given his first piece of art from nursery for mother’s day.  But you know what, I could never have anticipated the pride I felt when Otis nailed this shape-sorter for the first time! Seriously, these things are tricky! This shape-sorter thing is a big deal. My baby is now officially a genius. I am so proud. I am proud of him in ways that I didn’t even think I could be and I’m sure the pride I feel for him will continue to surprise me for the rest of his life.

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