Deckchairs: what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine!

My week beginning 18th June 2018


It’s Monday. It’s England’s first game of the World Cup. Daddy and I are having a boys’ night in watching the footy. Mummy is going out shopping to run some errands. Good job really, she probably doesn’t understand the offside rule and I’m not going to explain that one to her now!


Mummy and I went to hang out with my friends today at playgroup. She put me in the swing and pushed me, I’m glad she knows her place. After a while she tried to take me out so I showed her my disgust by having a tantrum. She found it funny. Yes woman, at the moment it may be funny and cute, but let’s see how you feel about it in six months time! 👍🏼


I had nursery today and I love nursery! So much so that now when Mummy picks me up I show her just how much I love it by having a melt down when we get to her car and totally refusing to get in my car seat. My amazing acting skills continue at home when I show her just how disappointed in her I am for picking me up with 30 minutes of a full blown tantrum. She thinks she can bribe me with food. No chance, I won’t be fooled by cheese, biscuits, fruit, yoghurt….Oh wait…… did she just say yoghurt??


My teeth hurt last night so I woke up at 4am this morning and didn’t fall asleep again until 6am, not long before Mummy’s alarm was due to go off. In fact, I was so tired that when Mummy tried getting me ready for nursery I refused to wake up. I laid there in deep sleep as she changed my nappy, got me dressed and put on my shoes without me moving an inch. And people say motherhood is hard, ha! This one had it easy today!


I decided to give my Mummy a day off today. I ate all my breakfast without fuss. I let her get me ready quickly for Moo Music. I entertained her at soft play. I ate all of my lunch without throwing it on the floor. I slept whilst she laid in the sunshine at the park. I let her play with me in the sandpit. I even showed her how clever I am by throwing my sandwich in the sandpit. It is obviously meant to go there, why else would is be a SANDwich?


My adults and I spent the day in the garden enjoying the sunshine. They think it’s their garden. It’s not, it’s definitely mine. I completed stage 1 of the garden conquering when I had my swing and slide moved in. Today I worked on stage 2 with the entrance of my paddling pool and tent. They thought they managed to keep possession of part of the garden by putting their deckchairs out. I soon showed them whose deckchairs they are and how to use them. They’re mine now! This garden belongs to me, suckers!


My adults went out tonight to see some ginger guy called Ed. I don’t care, I had my Auntie Meg and Uncle Adam come round to hang out with me. It’s all been fun and games until dinner time. Auntie Meg wants me to eat some cottage pie. She actually thought I would. She’s hilarious. So now I’ve got this bread instead, I’ve eaten quite a lot of it. Actually now I’m thinking about it, this bread tastes unusual. Hang on, is that cottage pie in my bread?!?! Wtf?! Touché Auntie Meg, that was smooth!

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