The Baby Blues

24th January 2020



I’ve only ever used this profile as a platform to talk openly and honestly about my motherhood journey and have found strength in you guys along the way. It only feels right to talk about “the baby blues” as it’s something completely natural that affects 80% of us!

Last night I suddenly and randomly started crying and so I rang my Mam. When she picked up the phone and asked me “what’s the matter?”, without thinking I replied “I’m feeling really overwhelmed” and that’s when I realised myself that the baby blues had hit me! I wasn’t sad. I can’t tell you what had triggered the tears. I just knew I wanted to speak to my Mam about it.

As mothers we put ourselves through so much emotionally and physically and often neglect our own wellbeing by putting our little ones first. For me, Otis had been the centre of my world for 3 years and the sudden realisation that he now has to share me made the mum guilt rear it’s ugly head. All through pregnancy I wondered how he would cope in his new role, I often forgot to consider how I would cope too! However I take in that lush newborn smell from Eddison and I swear it has super healing powers.

The baby blues is a sense of feeling emotional, irrational and overwhelmed. They can cause you to be tearful without understanding why and can also lead to feeling anxious, irritable and moody. It’s a result of that drop in hormones after childbirth, but also triggered by that weight of responsibility of having a brand new tiny human to take care of.

But I want to tell you all it’s ok to feel like this. It’s ok to be tearful. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. And actually completely natural! I would encourage anyone who feels like this to talk openly about these feelings and be honest with friends and family. The emotions are quite mild, but if at all they start to get stronger and the tears become regular, then your GP would be happy to talk you through things and make sure you are ok.

We’ve got this, Mamas! 💪🏼

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