“I love you more than the moon and the stars” ⭐️

6th September 2019


“I love you more than the moon and the stars” ⭐️

Dear Littlest Pea,

Today I’m writing a letter to you about the letters I write to you! I really enjoy writing to you, it’s really important to me that you grow up knowing how loved you are and how loved you’ve always been before you are even born. I feel you move so frequently now and it’s nice that you give me these little reminders that you are here with me on this pregnancy journey. I haven’t decided yet when I will pass these letters over to you. I do know that I will continue writing them when you are born though. This little book I found in a London market is perfect; it prompts me to write about my wishes for you, what I want you to know about me, about the world I want to give you, the day you were born, the special things about you and things you do that make me laugh. I can’t wait to discover some answers to these when you are born and write to you about them.

Love you loads,

Mummy x

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