Splosh 💧

6th October 2019



Well the nesting instinct in pregnant me has decided to kick in this weekend (lets hope it’s here to stay!) Over the last two days I have dug out lots of baby clothes to freshly wash, reorganised and tidied the playroom and my sewing area and also helped the husband sort through and declutter his clothes. With the amount of clothes I have here for both Otis and Littlest Pea, I have been channelling my inner Snow White as I may as well be dressing 7 little ones with this amount!

I have been having serious nesting help with our starter pack from @sploshofficial (collaboration, gifted) which includes laundry powder, laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, kitchen cleaner, washing up liquid, shower gel, hand wash and refill packs of bathroom cleaner and hand wash. 💧

Plastic waste is messing up our oceans and littering our land. Every plastic bottle you buy in a supermarket makes the problem worse. By joining Splosh and refilling your bottles you are helping to make a real difference. 🌍

How it works:

1) you order your first set of bottles

2) when you run out you order refills online that fit through your letterbox

3) this dramatically cuts plastic waste!

You can even return your empty refill pouches for free so that they can be recycled and reused!

@sploshofficial only uses non toxic ingredients that biodegrade rapidly when back out in the environment. All products are vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.

So far I’m so impressed with our products I’m wondering why I spent so much money on unnecessary plastic waste for so many years! I think everyone should try out @sploshofficial and start making a difference today.

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