Serenity Dream



What are the essential items in your make-up bag?

For me a good base is a priority to boost my confidence and so I was really keen to try out the foundation that I was kindly gifted from @seren_ity.dream. I chose the blur effect lifting foundation in beige as I was intrigued by its promise to “superbly cover imperfections” and also because it’s a much cheaper alternative to the MAC foundations I usually buy. I have really enjoyed trying it out and seeing how my skin reacts to it. Even with the hormone inbalance after just having a baby, my skin hasn’t broken out once with the new product, it’s stayed really healthy. As soon as I tried the foundation for the first time I noticed the pleasant scent to it and also realised that although the coverage it provides is fantastic, it doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin and I feel like my skin can still breathe. Because of this it’s easy to blend too and doesn’t leave any foundation lines. It does exactly what it says in its product description: “it guarantees flawless, youthful and a natural look without the mask effect”. It makes my skin look soft and not shiny at all. I also love that it’s not tested on animals. I’d absolutely recommend this foundation, you should give it a go!

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