5 easy ways to make more sustainable choices every day

Back in January I made a New Year’s Resolution to “make more sustainable choices” and throughout the year there have been many simple ways that I have managed to stick to this commitment. I am keen to share these easy changes with you so that you can consider making these more eco-friendly choices too.

Here are 5 easy ways you can live more sustainably:

  1. Opt for plastic free alternatives
  2. Buy vintage furniture instead of new
  3. Choose slow fashion brands instead of fast fashion
  4. Rehome, fix or upcycle old clothes
  5. Switch to reusable products; face wipes, wet wipes, period pants

1) Opt for plastic free alternatives

Fortunately, the knowledge of the impact of plastic waste on our planet has become more widespread over recent years and many people are looking for alternative options and ditching the single use plastic. I have recently learned that another place we can all make a more eco friendly choice is with our oral hygiene products. DenTek for example has a new eco range of interdental brushes that are made from Birch Wood. This is a sustainable material that creates less waste and uses less energy in the manufacturing process – it’s even more eco friendly than the most common alternative material bamboo! Birch trees are climate-positive as they work to reduce additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere so DenTek have also made a commitment to plant more new trees than they use. As well as this, DenTek’s Eco Cross Flosser, Triple Clean and Triple Clean floss pick products are manufactured from a bio-resin made from sugar cane. Making the switch to use this renewable material compared to plastic creation reduces carbon emissions by up to 80% – crazy! To care for your teeth and the planet at the same time, buy DenTek products from Boots, Amazon, Lloyds Pharmacy, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado, Superdrug, Weldricks Pharmacy and through the DenTek website.

DenTek birch wood interdental brushes

2) Buy vintage furniture instead of new

As well as being more sustainable for obvious reasons, buying secondhand furniture is more fun and a great way to give your home a more unique style. I personally love to think of the history and stories behind vintage and preloved furniture. When shopping for your vintage furniture, look locally such as in dedicated furniture charity shops or local auction houses in order to keep mileage down too.

Vintage Peter Rabbit furniture in a local charity shop

3) Choose slow fashion brands instead of fast fashion

Now’s the time to ditch fast fashion brands that produce cheap and poor quality clothing that will only last for one season. Instead invest in slow fashion brands such as Frugi and Lindex where clothing is designed to not follow trends and instead they are stylish for many years, but will also last for longer – this is especially important for children’s clothing. Kids can grow so fast (too fast if you ask their parents!), so choosing clever clothing that grows with them is much more sustainable. Look out for adjustable waistbands, roll-up and down cuffs, adjustable straps, 2 sets of poppers or buttons etc. and always opt for GOTS certified organic cotton instead of alternative materials.

Lindex dungarees with roll-up ankles, adjustable straps

4) Rehome, fix or upcycle old clothes

Did you know…. An estimated €140 million worth of clothing ends up in landfills each year with less than 1% being recycled into new products. That means that 99% of all textile production goes to waste! These startling facts mean that it’s more important than ever to do our bit to extend the life of our clothing wether that is by re-homing them, upcycling them in to something else or mending them when they are broken. I personally love using repair patches to mend clothing, especially that of my children, as they are quick and easy to use and cute too. Frugi’s new repair patches are cleverly made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and they have a cotton backing, meaning that you can remove them and re-use them again and again as children outgrow their mended clothes.

Frugi repair patches

5) Switch to reusable products; face wipes, wet wipes, period pants etc

Making small switches to reusable products can be an easy habit to get in to. There are now many sustainable brands offering products such as reusable face wipes and wet wipes. Some fashion brands have also introduced new lines of period pants. Lindex is one of these – their new “Female Engineering” range includes a variety of period pants in different styles, sizes and colours and promises you up to 10 hours leakproof absorbency. Replacing traditional period protection with these reusable pants is not only more sustainable, but also more comfortable and better for your body too.

Lindex Female Engineering range

OYLE – aromatherapy jewellery


It’s been no secret that I’m starting to struggle with this lockdown situation now. Most days I have both boys at home by myself and I’m finding it exhausting, so much more so than if we had the freedom for days out. Then @oylelondon got in touch and have helped make me feel more human again!


Have you heard of aromatherapy jewellery before? I certainly hadn’t and I have to admit that the @oylelondon jewellery is an absolute game changer! Aromatherapy can improve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I really believe in the powers of essential oils and the fantastic thing about Oyle London is that they design jewellery that is constructed specifically to diffuse a chosen essential oil aroma throughout the day – in style too because their clever jewellery is also beautiful.



I chose the “mood” essential oil blend because of its promise to “get you energised!” It is a refreshing blend of Lemon, Scotch Pine, Rosemary & Lime. It is an energising mix of citrus and uplifting pure essential oils which is perfect for the afternoon slump feeling and helping to make me feel refreshed. And it really does work! I don’t feel so exhausted in the evenings and feel like I’m able to cope better during these weird times. The fragrance is so lovely and really does uplift my emotions throughout the day as it’s released from my gorgeous necklace.


Oyle London jewellery is so easy to use. All you need to do is:

1) Open the locket.

2) Place 1-2 drops of your chosen oil onto the bead.

3) Put the bead in the locket, closing firmly.

And that’s it! The oils will diffuse through the vents of the locket throughout the day.


Oyle London have a fab range of essential oils and blends to choose from for different purposes.


Dusk essential oil blend: This relaxing, calming night blend has soothing properties of Lavandin, Valerian Root and Chamomile Roman. It is advised to use this one an hour before bed for a restful night’s sleep.

Rosa essential oil blend: Rosa is a romantic blend that combines the sweet aroma of sweet oranges, with the qualities of ylang ylang  and Patchouli. The blend is finished of nicely by the sweet floral scent of fresh palma rosa.

Hush essential oil blend: This blend combines the uplifting properties of Bergamot, with the soothing woody aroma of Rosewood, grounding properties of Vetiver and comforting fragrance of Lavender to help you relax and unwind.

Rise essential oil blend: This blend is a mix of uplifting properties of Orange & Lemon oils, Mandarin, Pine and reviving properties of Spearmint get you set for a busy day.

The aromatherapy jewellery is available in lots of different styles and colours and they include bracelets too!


I would 100% recommend Oyle London as I really think everyone deserves to experience the benefits of this very clever piece of jewellery.

You can shop the collection here


Tiny Love Kick & Play Gymini


Eddison has been testing out the new Tiny Love Kick & Play Gymini. He has had endless fun on this playmat and it really is a pleasure for me to write this review.

This @tinyloveglobal mat is a parent’s dream for helping to entertain and stimulate their babies whilst assisting with their development too.

The Kick & Play Gymini has so many amazing features such as:


✔️ interchangeable and removable toys

✔️ Interactive and musical hand and feet pads

✔️ teething tools

✔️ sensory aspects

✔️ A mirror to assist with extended tummy time

✔️ a cow bell

✔️ poppers that create a barrier to stop babies from rolling off the mat.

It really is very cleverly designed and if all that isn’t good enough, it’s machine washable too!


Eddison loves to use this mat for tummy time as well as to lay on his back and kick at the musical pad. He enjoys watching the toys dangling above him and interacts with them by cooing. He’s now starting to reach for and grab them which is a development that is fantastic to see. The toys are attached to rings that I can move up and down the arches, this is great for adjusting them according to how he’s changed position.  The mat is really padded and generous in size which makes it ideal for rolling on too (Eddison did his first roll on this mat!).


The musical pad is a wonderful feature as it is responsive to the hand and foot pressure when Eddison plays. It lights up too which I think is a great aspect as it’s yet another sense that this mat helps stimulate. The pad has two settings: music or play so if it’s not being used to interact with, it can still be used to play music during the play time anyway. The music is really soothing and not garish like with some baby toys.

I’d absolutely recommend the @tinyloveglobal Kick & Play Gymini to all new parents as it is the mat that has all the tools in one place.


A bit of the royal family in your own home!


Do you have a little Prince or Princess at home? If you’re anything like me then you love to treat your little ones like the royalties they are in our hearts. As a mother I have fondly called my boys “my little Princes” and I always want to dress and wrap them in the little bit of luxury that they deserve. So, let me tell you a little bit about the beautiful brand G.H.Hurt & Son which specialises in luxury (and affordable!) baby shawls with a rich, royal and British heritage.


G.H.Hurt & Son has been producing shawls since 1912. Inspired by their rich heritage, G.H.Hurt & Son’s lacy knitted shawls are manufactured using a combination of traditional artisan techniques (that have been passed down through generations) and modern design innovation. Each of their shawls travels through a journey at their shawl factory in Chilwell, Nottingham, taking two days to produce and involving eight pairs of technically skilled hands. Today, G.H.Hurt & Son are the last remaining framework knitting factory in England to still produce lacy knitted shawls with traditional hand-finished scalloped edges. It is this beautiful edging that makes their products truly unique.


You can see here Eddison is wrapped in the most beautiful shawl with a dainty teddy design. It also features the alphabet across the top and bottom (as a teacher I adore this part of the design!) He has taken an immediate fondness to the shawl and likes to hold it against his cheek. Due to the cellular design of the shawls I know that he is safe as well as comfy and I love that the shawl works as a lovely lightweight blanket for the summer months. This teddy shawl is available in cream too. It is my vision that this one will become a heritage piece for Eddison’s own family one day and so I think the unisex style is just perfect for such a traditional heirloom. 


G.H.Hurt & Son baby shawls are knitted from the finest yarns and they are crafted to last a lifetime so they can be passed down for many generations. Our teddy shawl will hold a special memory to our family in years to come. This makes them a beautiful gift for any new born, as a christening gift or for an expectant mother as a baby shower gift too.

857BC67C-D480-48A1-8AAF-2EB2D2E9D177They come beautifully gift wrapped in tissue paper and an embossed gift box which features their equally beautiful logo.

G.H.Hurt & Son are a favourite amongst our much loved royal family too. For the last 72 years they have been designing shawls for the arrival of the royal babies, since the Queen gave birth to Prince Charles in 1948. Most recently baby Archie Harrison was wrapped in a G.H.Hurt & Son shawl on the arrival of his birth. This makes the shawls extra special and I love the thought that my own Prince has something that is equally loved by the royal family too.


I would thoroughly recommend G.H.Hurt & Son as the shawl provider for families. You just can’t beat the quality, history and luxury of these British shawls and they really are on a level of their own.

You can shop the G.H.Hurt & Son baby collection here:


Eddison’s teddy shawl can be found here:





Today I road tested my new bag from @gastonluga and I love it! It’s really comfortable to wear thanks to the adjustable straps and it’s a great size too: a nice alternative to the usual large and oversized versions of a backpack.

I really love the pink details of my bag and think they give it a girly edge. However this style comes in a variety of colour combinations to choose from!

The quality is amazing and it’s easy to keep clean as it’s wipeable. It even comes with its own dust bag to keep it protected when not in use.

@gastonluga proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style and class if you want a backpack style bag. Definitely head on over to look at their range of styles and colours: you’re bound to see something you like!

You can even get a 15% off discount with the code BABYPEA15 on all items on the website and they always offer free delivery and returns too.



We have recently tried out one of the @bitsyboxes (powered by @bumpboxes) and I think the service they provide is fantastic! The Bitsy Boxes are a subscription service where you sign up for 6, 9 or 12 months to receive a box to your door every month with products individually chosen for the age of your little one. They’re also not just for babies either, they can be designed for toddlers up to the age of 3!

The best feature of this service is that it’s all a surprise. So you don’t know what’s in there until you open it up which is super exciting.

I really enjoyed discovering the products hidden in our box and was pleased to see a good variety in there. Our box for Eddison included:

* baby calming lavender oil l

* a @hanes flexy baby vest

* a Chikki Chicken taggy rattle from @taggies_baby

* a soft tag-along book from @cottagedoorpress for helping teach emotions and facial expressions

* a @lulujobaby nursery banner that reads “I wish I may, I wish I might”

All products are really adorable and I’m super pleased with this box, I know we will get good use out of everything!

@bitsyboxes isn’t just a subscription service either, you can also order a variety of one-off gift boxes to be sent to people including new baby, new mum, new dad and breastfeeding boxes – the perfect baby shower gift or gift to welcome a new baby into the world. It’s fantastic value for money and if you haven’t already, you should definitely check them out!

Serenity Dream



What are the essential items in your make-up bag?

For me a good base is a priority to boost my confidence and so I was really keen to try out the foundation that I was kindly gifted from @seren_ity.dream. I chose the blur effect lifting foundation in beige as I was intrigued by its promise to “superbly cover imperfections” and also because it’s a much cheaper alternative to the MAC foundations I usually buy. I have really enjoyed trying it out and seeing how my skin reacts to it. Even with the hormone inbalance after just having a baby, my skin hasn’t broken out once with the new product, it’s stayed really healthy. As soon as I tried the foundation for the first time I noticed the pleasant scent to it and also realised that although the coverage it provides is fantastic, it doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin and I feel like my skin can still breathe. Because of this it’s easy to blend too and doesn’t leave any foundation lines. It does exactly what it says in its product description: “it guarantees flawless, youthful and a natural look without the mask effect”. It makes my skin look soft and not shiny at all. I also love that it’s not tested on animals. I’d absolutely recommend this foundation, you should give it a go!