Channelling my inner artist with the use of yoghurt!

My week beginning 25th June 2018


Mummy has got me this new chunky knit blanket and a cushion to match.  Well she said it was a cushion, but Daddy confused me when she came downstairs and he told her that I “love playing with that new yellow ball”.  Mummy was not impressed and ruined my fun!


Mummy took me to the country park today to meet my Instagram friend Arthur for the first time.  He’s so cool and he has amazing hair. He’s my new role model. I hope that when I grow up I will have hair as amazing as his.


Best. Day. Ever!!! I found a stray yoghurt on the sideboard in the living room when Mummy wasn’t looking. Absolute win for me today when Mummy discovered the living room and myself covered in the stuff and everything smelling of Apricot. I thought she’d be proud I was taking care of my skin and making the room smell nice…… apparently not!


This evening I had target practice with Dumps.  I was practicing my throw and he was my target. He makes a very good target because by the time he realises my throws are serious and not to be taken lightly, he’s already laughing too much to be able to move and dodge them! 10 points to Otis and 10 bruises to Dumps!


Daddy Day Care today! More drama at dinner time as I thought I’d show Daddy just how good I am getting at avoiding to eat anything. I swear he’s blind though. He kept asking me “where’s your salad gone?” Well duh, open your eyes, look down and you will see it. Everywhere. Job well done, I say!


My adults bought me a new paddling pool today. The best thing about it? Getting myself soaking wet then chasing Mummy for a cuddle. I’ve never seen her move so fast! Haha priceless!


What is it with my adults?  They spend endless hours trying to teach me how to talk and ask for things, yet when they have sausage and chips and I stand in front of them and say “hiya” on repeat, they act like they don’t understand.  Do I have to spell it out for you? Give.  Me.  Chips!

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