You know your life has a new meaning when you ride a unicorn!


It’s official, I’m a star! Today I hit 1,000 followers on Instagram and apparently this is pretty cool. I’d like to thank each and every one of my followers for their support and appreciation of my cheeky attempts to push my adults over the edge. I’d also like to thank my adults for their inability to keep a straight face when I do something “wicked” and for always picking up my food from the floor. I thank my cats; Precious for letting me cuddle her and randomly pull her tail and Belle for keeping her distance and allowing me to remain in charge of the house. Cheers to the next 1,000 of you legends!


Tried out my best stunt man skills today at playgroup. I saw my friend Arthur was just about to go down the water slide so I walked up and stood still at the bottom. In perfect timing, down he came straight into my legs. I ended up laying on top of him and we created a sandwich. It was so awesome that I cried with excitement!


Found a new challenge today – how many stones can I put in the water fountain before Daddy a) tells me off and b) finally stops me? Quite a lot, I have discovered. He is such a softy!


I found something pretty awesome in the garden today and I couldn’t stop playing with it. It was white and really light that it gently flies through the air. Mummy said to hold it and make a wish. I found it in a cobweb on my slide, obviously the spider was trying to hog all the wishes. I kept taking it and throwing it to play, but then felt guilty again so kept taking it back to Mr Spider and returning it to the cobweb after every wish.


I decided that today I would prove to Mummy how much I love her by not leaving her side. Not even for a minute. Her car broke yesterday so we got to have the whole day at home together. The whole day. Side by side. Including in the bathroom when she had to put me in the empty bath with some toys just so she could pee.


Festival!!!! I have enjoyed spending my day riding a unicorn, watching Mummy get battered in the bumper cars, laughing at Daddy trying to hopelessly win me a prize, building a giant Jenga tower just to bash it down, running away from the adults on the bouncy castle knowing they’re not allowed to come and get me, steering clear of the tarantula and snake at the petting zoo, dancing with the ladies at the DJ tent, playing football and trying to steal everyone’s cocktails they they left on the floor. Today was goooooooood!


Woke up to find myself in a cot. On my own. What the hell, Mum! Since when do we sleep in separate beds?! I can’t believe she actually chose having a few drinks over sharing a bed with me. Who does she think she is?

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