A bit of the royal family in your own home!


Do you have a little Prince or Princess at home? If you’re anything like me then you love to treat your little ones like the royalties they are in our hearts. As a mother I have fondly called my boys “my little Princes” and I always want to dress and wrap them in the little bit of luxury that they deserve. So, let me tell you a little bit about the beautiful brand G.H.Hurt & Son which specialises in luxury (and affordable!) baby shawls with a rich, royal and British heritage.


G.H.Hurt & Son has been producing shawls since 1912. Inspired by their rich heritage, G.H.Hurt & Son’s lacy knitted shawls are manufactured using a combination of traditional artisan techniques (that have been passed down through generations) and modern design innovation. Each of their shawls travels through a journey at their shawl factory in Chilwell, Nottingham, taking two days to produce and involving eight pairs of technically skilled hands. Today, G.H.Hurt & Son are the last remaining framework knitting factory in England to still produce lacy knitted shawls with traditional hand-finished scalloped edges. It is this beautiful edging that makes their products truly unique.


You can see here Eddison is wrapped in the most beautiful shawl with a dainty teddy design. It also features the alphabet across the top and bottom (as a teacher I adore this part of the design!) He has taken an immediate fondness to the shawl and likes to hold it against his cheek. Due to the cellular design of the shawls I know that he is safe as well as comfy and I love that the shawl works as a lovely lightweight blanket for the summer months. This teddy shawl is available in cream too. It is my vision that this one will become a heritage piece for Eddison’s own family one day and so I think the unisex style is just perfect for such a traditional heirloom. 


G.H.Hurt & Son baby shawls are knitted from the finest yarns and they are crafted to last a lifetime so they can be passed down for many generations. Our teddy shawl will hold a special memory to our family in years to come. This makes them a beautiful gift for any new born, as a christening gift or for an expectant mother as a baby shower gift too.

857BC67C-D480-48A1-8AAF-2EB2D2E9D177They come beautifully gift wrapped in tissue paper and an embossed gift box which features their equally beautiful logo.

G.H.Hurt & Son are a favourite amongst our much loved royal family too. For the last 72 years they have been designing shawls for the arrival of the royal babies, since the Queen gave birth to Prince Charles in 1948. Most recently baby Archie Harrison was wrapped in a G.H.Hurt & Son shawl on the arrival of his birth. This makes the shawls extra special and I love the thought that my own Prince has something that is equally loved by the royal family too.


I would thoroughly recommend G.H.Hurt & Son as the shawl provider for families. You just can’t beat the quality, history and luxury of these British shawls and they really are on a level of their own.

You can shop the G.H.Hurt & Son baby collection here:


Eddison’s teddy shawl can be found here:



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